Why is my order status ‘Not Paid’?

The purchase process is divided into two parts, order creation and payment finalisation; an email confirmation will be sent as soon as the order is created.

Order creation

Order creation requires the customer to enter all necessary contact details, i.e. full name, shipping/invoice address and email. Once they click the ’Pay’ button, this will create an order in the system.

The success of the transaction relies on multiple parties, i.e. the acquiring bank, the card scheme and the cardholder’s bank. This means that it cannot be guaranteed the payment will go through, so the system must first create an order so that we can track the status of the payment.

Payment finalisation

Payment finalisation only occurs once it has been confirmed that the payment has been approved on all sides and we have received the funds.

Email confirmation

An order confirmation email is sent to yourself and the customer; here you will see the details of the order as well as the payment status.

If a customer completes the order creation process, an order confirmation email will be sent to them by default.

Should you wish to amend upon which action/status a confirmation email is sent, you can learn how to customise your notification settings here.

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Was this article helpful?

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