Which elements affect the store’s appearance?

The look of your store consists of a few elements:



In Online Store, you have dozens of beautiful free themes available. Choose one and install it in your store. If you don’t find the right one for you, you can always create your own theme using the theme creator. Just drag and drop the appropriate items. You don’t need to program anything!


This is the main menu on the page. This allows your customers to easily navigate your store.


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These are single pictures or photo slideshows. With banners, you can show off your latest collection, inform customers about promotions, sales and more. Every photo in the banner can link to another page in your store.


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Products with images

A list of products with no photos will not look very appealing. Make sure they are in great quality. Set up some good lighting, find a good background and show your product off. Consider hiring a professional photographer to make your images attractive.


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Was this article helpful?

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