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Theme selection

Choosing a theme is a very important step while building your store. In the dashboard, go to  Website > Layout > More Themes or go directly to the Theme Store

Here you will find plenty of beautiful, functional, and ready-made templates. Most of them are free. Just install it in the store, and it’s ready to use. For each theme, you will see its name and preview ability and check details about that theme.

After clicking on the Details, you will see the theme description, the possibility to preview the demo store, and information about the author. Online Store does not support themes from other authors.

Choosing a theme is a matter of individual preferences. Choose the one that suits you best. You can always install several and check how your store will look with them.

Adding the theme to your store

If you have made up your mind, click Add to my themesThis way, you will install it in your store.

You will find it in the Website >Layout  tab, in the Installed themes section.

How to activate the theme

Each theme is inactive after installation. If you want to make it visible to your customers, click Activate. (Layout> Installed themes> Activate) If you don’t want to activate a new theme right away but want to customise it – check out our article on editing inactive themes.

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Was this article helpful?

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