Subscription payment and Invoices

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How can I pay for my Online Store subscription?

On the left sidebar, click the arrow next to the store name and select Account settings

and then click on Manage Subscription

Here you can choose a plan, edit your invoice data and pay for a Online Store subscription. Keep in mind that if you choose to connect a card, the subscription will be automatically charged for the selected billing period.

Where can I get an invoice for my subscription?

In the Online Store Dashboard

Click on Account settings> Manage subscription. There you will see a list of all your invoices.

Change billing data

1. Go to Account settings > Manage subscription

2. Click on the option Change billing details

3. Select whether you want to set up your account with Online Store as a business or as a private individual and then fill in or change the data you entered previously.

4. Save the changes and done!

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Was this article helpful?

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