In Online Store, you can create promotions for specific products, collections, or categories.

How to create a promotion

Go to Marketing > +Promotion

Fill in the following fields:

Title: Enter the promotion’s name

Date of application: Specify the time frame for the promotion. You can specify a start and end date or choose for this promotion not to expire.

Promotion settings: Specify the discount type

  • Price discount
  • Percentage discount
  • Progressive promotion
  • Buy one get one free or discounted

Specify which products should be promoted. Choose whether the promotion will cover individual products, or the entire collection, category, or vendor.

Progressive promotions

Progressive promotions allow you to set discount levels based on the value of the order or the number of products in the shopping cart.

This way you can give larger discounts to people buying more.

Just remember that after exceeding the set threshold, the discount will be applied to all products that meet the given condition.

Attention! If your store was created before 13.12.2017, please contact us – we will adapt your theme for new functions.

How to create a progressive promotion:

Go to Marketing > + Promotions

Enter the title and select the duration of the promotion.

In Settings, select the promotion type  Progressive promotion.

Now select the discount condition:

  • Cart value above X
  • Product quantity

Remember that this condition depends on Additional promotion settings below, where you specify what products or entire collections/categories should be included in the promotion.

Products not covered by the promotion will not be included in the value or the number of products in the shopping cart.

Now select the discount type:

  • Fixed amount
  • Percentage discount

Then fill in the discount thresholds according to the criteria you have selected. In the first field, enter the amount or number of items from which the discount level should be applied, and in the second, the value written in the main currency you use in your store or as a percentage.

You can add additional levels if you wish to.

In this situation, the customer has added three products to his cart and will receive a 10% discount, and when adding 5 products, will receive a 15% discount. The discount will be applied to each product that meets the terms of the promotion.

Finally, specify what products to promote. You can choose the entire collection, category,  vendor, or individual product.

Then click Save.

Some examples of promotions that you can set:

Buy one get one free. 

Create a progressive promotion for a product of your choice.

You need to choose:

  • The condition for when the discount should be applied – the number of products in the basket
  • Promotion type – percentage discount

Set the discount thresholds you want.

At the first level, enter 2 pieces, 50% discount.

In this way, after adding two items to the cart, the customer will be given a 50% discount on each of them. This means that the client will buy two in total for the price of one.

With these settings, a 50% discount will also be given for each subsequent product. This is because the level counts the “from” value.

If you want the promotion to include only 2 products in the basket, add another discount condition, enter 3 items in it – 0% discount.

This way, after adding three or more products to the basket, no discount will be applied to the additional ones.

Progressive promotion applied to the “Sale” collection. E.g. buy for min. 100 GBP and get a 10 GBP discount, buy for min. 350 GBP and get a 100 GBP discount.

Create a collection for  “Sale” and add products to which you want to apply the discount.

Then create a progressive promotion for the “Sale” collection.

You need to choose:

  • The condition for when the discount should be applied – the cart value above X
  • Promotion type – fixed amount

Set the levels:

Discount threshold 1: 100 GBP, 10 GBP discount

Discount threshold 2: 350 GBP,  100 GBP discount

This way, if your customer adds from the Sale collection to the shopping cart for a min. of 100 GBP – they will receive a 10 GBP discount; if they add min. 350 GBP – they will receive a 100 GBP discount.

How to inform customers about the promotion.

Progressive promotions depend on the number of products in the basket or their value, therefore you can not display the final price right away.

If the shopping cart is empty, your customer will see the regular price on the product info. Only after adding products to the basket and exceeding the appropriate level, the price automatically adjusts.

If you want to inform your customers about promotion thresholds, you can do it, for example, with a banner, in the product description, or by sending a newsletter – via e-mail.

Make sure to keep your customers well informed.

Buy one, get one free or discounted.

* This promotion type is not available in the starter plan.

This type of promotion allows your customer to add a second product for free or at a reduced price.

When adding a promotion (Marketing > + Promotions), you need to choose:

Promotion type – Buy one, get one

Choose the products that the promotion should be applied to.

Then choose what product the customer should receive. Should it be the same as they bought or a different one? You also need to specify whether the additional product should be given for free or at a discounted price.

Finally, specify how the promotion should work; you can:

  • Add only one promotional product to the entire order, i.e. regardless of the number of products that the customer buys (which are covered by the promotion), only one item will have the promotion applied (reduced price/free) in the shopping cart.
  • Add a promotional product to each item matching the items in the shopping cart. In other words, if the customer adds 3 products covered by the promotion, he will get three additional products at the promotional price.

Important information:

This promotion type cannot be used with products created by the Product Options and Product Bundles app.

What happens if the product is in more than one promotion?

Suppose you have a product that is in promotion A (-5%), which is an unlimited promotion (it never expires). But you want to create a special promotion for this product only for one weekend. So you can add this product to the weekend promotion B (-20%).

Products always belong to the latest active promotion that they were added to. This weekend the price of this product will be reduced by 20% as the product will be in promotion B.

What happens after the weekend?

Promotion B (-20%) will end, and the product will not automatically go back to promotion A.

In order to reactivate promotion A for this product, go to your dashboard and select Marketing > Promotions> Promotion A and add this product again.

Please note that this applies to all types of promotions.

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