Payment gateways

Please note: adding additional payment methods is only available on the Advanced and Premium plans

All available payment gateways are found under Settings > Payments.

Available payment gateways in Online Store:


Note: From 13/03/2020, the PayPal gateway will change its authorisation method – it needs to be updated.

If you already have the PayPal payment gateway enabled in your store:

  • on the list of available gateways, you will see PayPal v2
  • firstly launch the PayPal v2 gateway as described in the instructions below
  • then delete the PayPal gateway which you have used so far.
Remember to install the new gateway first and then delete the one you have used so far, as you will not be able to return to it.

If you haven’t used PayPal yet, you’ll see the v2 version on the list of available gateways.

PayPal v2

First, make sure your PayPal account has an active and configured access option via a REST API. Access to the REST API is only possible for Business and Developer PayPal accounts.

To set up PayPal in your store, go to Settings > Payments > + Payment Method at the right top of the page > Click on Enable right next to Paypal’s logo.

Now complete the form by entering the information you received from PayPal (Client ID and Secret key).

Next, add the message to be displayed after placing the order and choose which delivery method will be possible with Paypal and click on Save changes.

How do I get my PayPal client ID and secret key?

To obtain the data necessary for integration, follow the steps described here*.

When generating them, select the live version.

Below is an example of data that you should generate:

*If the link doesn’t work – open it in the browser’s incognito mode. Based on your location data, your browser can direct you to a non-existent page.

Additional information PayPal:

If you set up PayPal on the order finalisation page and receive an error message and the customer is not redirected to the PayPal website; or after selecting this payment method,  is redirected to the beginning of the form, then:

  • Make sure the data (client ID and secret key) in your Online Store dashboard is identical to what you see in your PayPal account.
  • Make sure the password in your Online Store dashboard has the same amount of characters as in PayPal. You can also rewrite all characters manually.
  • If you select too large of an area when copying this data, you can accidentally copy the unnecessary space. Make sure that there are no spaces in the data at the beginning or end.
  • Most reported errors are due to a space at the beginning of the API username.
  • If you want to see changes to your PayPal settings, then after you have made sure the data is correct and saved all changes, refresh the panel page in your browser. (Windows: F5 key on keyboard / MAC: Cmd + R)

PayPal – Multicurrency

If your customer pays for the order in a different currency than you have set up in your PayPal account, you will have to manually confirm each transaction in the PayPal admin panel. In order to automatically accept such payments, and thereby changing the status to “paid” within Online Store, you can add additional currencies to your Paypal account.

  • Log in to PayPal.
  • Click on Profile (right next to the ‘Log out’ button), and then click on ‘Profile and Settings’.
  • Click on ‘My money’
  • In the ‘Currency Management’ section, add the appropriate currencies, e.g. Euro, USD. Choose the ones your customers use.

Other payment methods

Make sure you have an existing Braintree, Stripe or Sofort account.

For all of these payment methods you will need to follow these steps:

1. In your Online Store dashboard, go to Settings > Payments > Add payment method and click the Enable button right next to the payment method you want to activate.

2. Complete the form with the data obtained from the payment provider.

3. Next, choose what type of delivery should be available for this payment method and click on Save changes.

Note: Stripe payment gateway will only be supported until December 2020.

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Was this article helpful?

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