The application will allow you to automatically synchronise your customer base and use all of GetResponse’s marketing solutions.

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Application installation

Go here and click on Install add-on.

You can also install the application from the dashboard of your store: Add-ons > +Apps > GetResponse > Install add-on.

API key generation

You will need an API key for integration, which you have to provide the first time you enter the application.

Check out how to find the API key

In case you have used an older version of the application (installed before November 18th, 2019) your API key is no longer valid and the new one should be regenerated directly in GetResponse.

Subscribers synchronisation

The next step is the synchronisation of subscribers. After enabling the Automatic sync option, you can choose the list to which your contacts will be sent.

The list will not be created automatically on the GetResponse side, you need to create it yourself and add settings.

If your customer unsubscribes by selecting this option in the emails sent by GetResponse, the information “Subscribed” will be automatically deleted in Online Store’s dashboard.

After re-agreeing to the newsletter, the customer will not be added to the list in GetResponse. In that case, contact the customer and send them the link generated by GetResponse.  Learn how to create a link.

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Was this article helpful?

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