In Online Store, you can sell digital products and automatically send them to customers (using the eProducts application).

Steps you need to complete:

Set the product as a digital product

When adding or editing products, you can mark products as a Digital product.

Doing so will allow you to configure these products in the eProducts application and your customers will not have to provide a shipping address during the order finalisation process.

Put files on an external server

The application allows you to send a link or a file in an attachment. It does not work as a disk space for storing them. For this purpose, files (e.g. pdf, mp4) should be placed on an external server, e.g. dropbox.

eProducts App

Go to your dashboard, click on Sell Online > Add-ons > + Apps, and install the eProducts app.

In the application settings you can choose:

  • When the e-mail with a product file should be sent to a customer (after the order is placed or after the order is paid)
  • Expiration date (24, 48, 72h or no time limits)
  • Number of times product can be downloaded
  • Whether notification about successful file download will be sent
  • If the product should be sent as a link within the message text or as a message attachment

After adding e-products to the dashboard in the application, you will be able to put a link to the file.

See also: How to create a direct link to a file on Dropbox

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Was this article helpful?

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