Creating a drop down menu

In the main navigation you can create a drop-down menu.

Go to Layout > Navigation.

Follow these four easy steps: 

1. In the main navigation, add the link that should be shown as a drop-down menu.

Click on Add link > Enter the name, e.g. Category.

If you do not want this link to be clickable, select URL in the URL field and type “#”.

2. Create a second navigation option with the exact same name as the link you’ve just created by clicking +Navigation in the top right.

3. Add all relevant links to your navigation. They will be displayed as a drop-down menu.

4. Check out how your drop-down menu looks in your store:

Adding a subcategory to a drop-down menu.

To add a subcategory to an item in the drop-down menu, follow these steps: 

1. Add a new navigation item in the name of the relevant menu item by clicking +Navigation in the top right. In this case we will add a new navigation called ‘Clothing’.

2. Add all of the relevant links to this new navigation.

3. Check out how your drop-down menu looks now:

Was this article helpful?

Was this article helpful?

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