Changing the language of your store (Translation)

Whether you want to add a language version or have your main store in another language – follow these few simple steps.

Elements you can translate:

How to translate a theme

Go to ‘Layout’ > click on the three dots > click on ‘Translations’.

Add a translation or edit the existing ones.

Select the language that should be active and save the changes.

How to translate the navigation

Go to ‘Layout’ > click on ‘Navigation’ > you can edit each page

How to translate product descriptions and categories

You can also translate your product descriptions. Go to Products  > select a product > click on Details > translate the product description.


Translation of variants and parameters

If you have products in different variants, such as different colours, sizes etc., then in the language version they should be translated.

Be sure not to delete or add new products – this will cause future bugs.

Click on the product you want to translate > go to Variants > click on Edit > click on the three dots > click on Manage Parameters.

Click on Custom parameter and add it in your language.

Once saved, make sure you have the correct amount of variants. If you do not need some of them, just select them and delete them.

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Was this article helpful?

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