Advanced filters

You can use advanced filters in the product list, orders and customers sections.

In this article you will learn about: 

  • Creating filters
  • Saving newly created filters
  • Removing filters

Creating filters

Filters can be created in the following tabs:

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Customers

Click Choose filter and select the value which you want to filter the displayed data by.

Filters can be combined with each other.

For example, you can create the following filters:

  • Archived – No
  • Payment status – Not paid

This way you will display all open orders you have not yet received payment for.

Take for example:

  • Archived – No
  • Payment status – Paid
  • Order status – New

This way you will see all orders yet to be processed. They are paid, but they require order processing, delivery, etc.

Remember to archive all orders you have already processed. In this way, you will keep your order section organised and it is easier to distinguish between new orders and those already processed.

In the customers tab you can, for example, filter subscribers – people who accept marketing emails, but never made an order.

For that you select:

  • Accepts email marketing – Yes
  • A number of orders – Equal to zero.

Saving new filters

You can save filters you just created. This way, when you are back in your dashboard, you will not have to create them again. After creating a filter, a Save filter button will appear next to it.

You can save the filter as new or overwrite an existing one.

You can find the saved filters in the top bar.

If you have several filters and do not see the relevant one, select the three dots > Filter.

Removing filters

You can also delete any saved filters.

Go to the saved filter and select Delete filter.

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Was this article helpful?

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