Additional Clauses in Checkout

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What are legal clauses?

During the order finalisation process, you can give your customers the option of selecting different types of clauses. For example, consent to the newsletter or acceptance of the store terms & conditions.

How to add legal clauses

Go to Settings > Legal clauses

Here you can add new clauses and edit existing ones.

Clause settings: checked by default and option for the clause to be required

When adding and editing a clause, you can choose whether it should be required or checked by default.

How to add a link with legal clauses

If you want to add a link, use the following code:

<a href=”Link-to-file”>Content</a>

This is how the content should look when you add it:


This is how the content will look on the order checkout page:


You can define that the link will open in a new window. Just add: target=”_ blank”.

If you want to add a file to Online Store, read this article.

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Was this article helpful?

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