Adding products

In order to add a single product, go to the section: Products > Add Product

If you would like to import products from a CSV file, please read this article.

Fill in the name and choose if your product is:

  • Physical product
  • Digital product, i.e. (pdf file, online course)
  • Service

Then decide whether this product has only one or several variants.

Learn more about managing variants.

Adding a product without variants

Click on Product available only in one variant. You will see Product without variants tab.

Fill in SKU, enter the price, and choose whether Online Store should track inventory level. You can also specify the bar code, the purchase price, and product weight.

Please note that if you choose the net price, then Online Store will automatically add the VAT according to the selected rate in the next section.

Select the VAT rate from the drop-down list.

You can edit these values in Settings > Regional > Value-added Tax

Adding a product with multiple variants

After filling in the name, select Are there multiple variants

You can add up to three parameters, e.g., Colour, Size, and Material.

Enter values for each parameter, e.g., for the size enter XS, S, M, L.

The Colour, Size, and Material parameters are predefined. You cannot change their name. For other parameters, select Custom parameter from the drop-down list and enter its name.

Variants will be automatically created as soon as parameters are added. The SKU will have the first three letters of the product name followed by the combinations of the variants given.

Here you can change the SKU and fill in prices, inventory level, choose the VAT rate, and other information about the product.

Description and images

Make sure you have a good description of your products. Provide the most important information that may interest potential customers.
Also, add images. We recommend adding all product images in the same dimensions. This will ensure that they will always look good on the product lists page (categories/collections). You can find more information about the images in this article.

Product organisation and tags

You can arrange products into collections, categories and assign a vendor to them. In addition, you can add tags.

More information:


Optionally, you may fill in the SEO form.


Choose whether your product should be visible on the front of the store immediately after adding it. In addition, specify whether it should be displayed even if the product is out of stock.


Lastly, you can add a note to your product. It will only be visible to you.

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Was this article helpful?

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