Abandoned carts

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What are abandoned carts?

If your customer adds products to the shopping cart, then goes through the order finalisation process and enters an email address, but for some reason does not complete the order, a so-called abandoned cart is created. In the Advanced plan or higher, you have access to abandoned carts, which you can recover, for example, by sending a reminder to the buyer.

Where can I see all the abandoned carts?

Abandoned carts can be found in your Online Store dashboard. Go to the section Orders >Abandoned carts

Here you will see a list of all abandoned carts, whether or not an email has been sent to them and whether the shopping cart has been recovered.

How do I send an automatic message to customers that abandoned their shopping carts?

In your dashboard, you can set an automatic message that will be sent after 6 or 24 hours to those people who have abandoned carts. In this message, customers will see a link that will direct them to the process of finalising the order.

The automated message will not be sent in the following cases: 

  • If the customer returns to the shopping cart and finalises the purchase (before the email was sent).
  • If the products added by the customer are no longer available.
  • If the customer has several abandoned carts (in this case only one email will be sent)

To create a message, go to Settings > Notifications > click on ‘+Add Template‘ and link the message with the Abandoned cart action. Learn more about email templates.

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Was this article helpful?

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